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About Samaritans Help, Inc. 

Samaritans Help, Inc. was birthed out of the passion of the owner of Samaritans-At-Last, Davis Menya. While working with his home health care clients, he noticed that many had needs beyond, heath care. Wanting to provide for the needs of those he came in contact with, along with his Samaritans-At-Last, staff, Samaritans Help, Inc., became a reality. 

Samaritans Help, Inc., is a non-profit organization that provides health care resources and clothing for those in need. Whether,assisting with obtaining prescription medication or providing clothing for a family in need, we will be there to help.   

When you need us, there will be a Samaritans there to Help! 

Our Mission 

Samaritans Help, Inc. is on a mission to make sure that the life needs are met for those who may have a time of hardship. There are no boundaries to who we give a helping hand to. We want to help, touch, and reach as many people as we can. ​

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